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This course is for business owners who want to level up their digital advertising game with the aim of being able to design, write, create, implement and measure digital advertising across Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads.

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Save wasted advertising spend & level up your marketing campaigns

You’ll learn how to design, write, create, implement and measure digital advertising across Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads.

If you are a savvy business owners or marketing managers with an ‘intermediate’ level of Social Media and running paid campaigns, this is the course for you. You know the basics and will have ‘boosted’ some Facebook posts in the past, but would like to scale your business with effective digital marketing campaigns and understand if they are working.

By the end of this workshop you will have an understanding of how to navigate the Google Ads and Facebook ads platforms. You’ll know how to target your audience using audience insights and Google’s Keyword planning tool and you’ll feel more confident in your ability to write and create advert copy and imagery the works. How will you know if works? Because you’ll also be confident in reading the data on your campaign.

Together, we’ll also create both a Facebook and Google Ads campaign, as you follow along step by step in the creation of the campaigns, copy and budgeting.

This is a small group full day workshop, that includes workbooks, stationary and meals. You will need to being a laptop with you.

"Jordan has a way of easily communicating marketing strategy. He is up to date with all the current trends and techniques, while also having a great understanding of how to market businesses to their desired audiences across all major social and traditional platforms. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jordan and Done by Nine."
Toby Leadbetter
Head of Sales at Candelic​

Section One: Facebook Ads Navigation

We’ll get familiar with the Facebook Ads Campaign Manager layout. You’ll learn the difference between a ‘Campaign’, ‘Ad-Sets’ and ‘Ads’ and have a better understanding on where to create and test campaigns. We’ll also cover off the campaign objectives, to ensure we’re starting campaigns that align with our advertising goals.

Section Two: Facebook Audiences

Targeting is one of the big keys to success with Facebook Ad’s, making sure that your ideal customers are seeing your adverts. We’ll discover how to find your ideal customers using the ‘Audience Insights’ tool. We’ll also cover how you can create custom audiences using your Facebook page followers, video viewers, or people that visit your website. We’ll both ‘remarket’ to your existing customers using Facebook’s Pixel, and create ‘Look-a-like’ audiences.

Section Three: Facebook Content Creation

We’ll take a look at Facebook’s ‘Creative Hub’ to learn how to design and create your campaigns images and copy. Plus, we’ll look at copy and image tactics that help convince and convert your customers to take action, including the advert titles, headlines, hooks and calls to action.

Section Four: Google Ads Navigation

We’ll start to take a look at Google Ad’s and learn how to navigate the platform, where to find and start creating campaigns and where the tools are which are going to help us build better campaigns.

Section Five: Keyword Research and Planning Tools

We’ll take an in-depth look at how to perform ‘keyword’ research to find and reach motivated buyers who are actively searching for products just like yours. We’ll review Googles ‘Keyword Planner’ and ‘Audience Manager’ to create remarking campaigns.

Section Six: Google Ads Campaign Management

In this section, we’ll put tougher the adverts for our Google Ads campaign, with a focus on text based adverts, with a series of extensions to ensure we take up as much Google real estate as possible.

Section Seven: Report and Revise

We’ll finish the day by looking at how we report and read the analytics of both our Facebook and Google Ads campaigns, how to make changes to the campaigns, how to test our audiences and copy and paste adverts, campaigns and ad-sets for easy audience and creative testing.

This is a small group full day workshop costs $550 per person (business funding available, please enquire for more details).

The workshop includes workbooks, stationary and meals. You will need to being a laptop with you and it’s preferable if you have a Facebook Business Manager account or Google Ads account set up (we can assist with this prior to the workshop if required).

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  • We offer a unique hands-on small group workshops that provide personal, learning based and proven solutions to your marketing challenges.
  • We are recognised experts in digital marketing. We're invited to speak at and host digital marketing workshops and events, including our involvement with Venture Taranaki. We've worked with many businesses with a variety of backgrounds, industries and sizes, all across New Zealand.
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Two workshop options to suit your learning style

Small Group

Our small group workshops are ideal for businesses owners who enjoy networking and learning from like-minded business, while implementing and learning the latest digital marketing techniques to grow their business.

You’ll not only walk away with an outstanding knowledge on how to use a digital marketing strategy in your business, but also new business contacts to continue to learn from after the workshop is completed

  • Group workshop setting (public or in-house)
  • Set workshop time and dates
  • Business Networking Opportunities
  • Variety of topics available
  • Chat and email support


This one-on-one strategy day is for business owners or teams who require support and coaching to help build solutions to your digital marketing problems, to plan for your businesses digital future and create a robust online marketing strategy.

This day long strategy session (either online or in person) will create strategies which will transform your businesses digital profile, through proven digital marketing strategies.

  • 1-on-1 full-day workshop
  • Flexible time and date
  • Customised to suit your challenges
  • Personal marketing action plan
  • Chat and email support

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