Learn how to take control of your digital marketing with our series of group and personalised one-on-one digital marketing workshops and social media training sessions.

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Better marketing, together

Our workshops and training are ideal for exceptional businesses who are excited to learn and eager to grow and scale their business through proven digital marketing strategies.

You are busy growing your business, meeting with clients and customers, managing sales, books and inventory and juggling staff requirements. Committing to a marketing strategy can take the back seat, but it’s crucial to business growth.

One-on-one Digital Marketing Strategy & Coaching

We take the time learn about your business and together we'll find solutions to your online marketing challenges and plan for a better digital future with the creation of a robust digital marketing strategy.
$ 597
  • NZTE Funding Available
  • In-depth full day strategy workshop
  • Personalised to YOUR buiness

Digital Advertising Group Full Day Workshop

This course is for business owners who want to level up their digital advertising game with the aim of being able to design, write, create, implement and measure digital advertising across Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads.
$ 550
  • NZTE Funding Available
  • Full day group workshop setting
  • Includes meals and workbooks

WEBINAR: Great, you've got a website! Now what?

You've invested in a beautiful website, but it's simply not working! You aren't seeing an increase in sales, you're not getting higher rankings in Google. Together, let's take your website to the next level!
$ 0
  • Available New Zealand Wide
  • One hour actionable webinar
  • No sales pitches, just genuine support.

SEO Made Simple: Your businesses checklist to being found in Google

How can you rank higher in Google? We'll demystify what search engine optimisation is and give you a basic understanding of why it’s so important for your business.
$ 0
  • Available New Zealand Wide
  • One hour actionable webinar
  • No sales pitches, just genuine support.
Done By Nine Digital Marketing New Plymouth

Why attend our workshops?

  • We offer a unique hands-on workshops and provide personal, learning based and proven solutions to your marketing challenges.
  • We are experts in digital marketing. We're invited to speak at and host digital marketing workshops and events. We've worked with many businesses with a variety of backgrounds, industries and sizes, all across New Zealand.
  • I've worked in digital marketing for 10+ years and in that time have worked with and for industry leading companies. I've also worked with industry leading professionals and have attended notable digital marketing workshops and conferences around the world including San Diego, Seattle and London.

Our attendees love what we offer:

Two workshop styles to suit your style and budget

Group Workshops

We offer a variety of group workshop sessions on a variety of in-depth topics. All our workshops are intended for businesses owners to walk away with valuable skills in a variety of digital marketing areas (Local Search Engine Optimisations, Paid Media Campaigns, cresting a Digital Marketing Strategy etc).

All our workshops are small group workshops with a maximum of 10 participants.

  • Group workshop setting (public or in-house)
  • Set workshop time and dates
  • Variety of topics available
  • Most affordable option per person
  • Chat and email support

Personal Workshop

This one-on-one strategy course is for business owners or teams who acknowledge that having a stable digital marketing strategy is important to business growth.

Businesses should be eager to try new marketing tactics online to plan their digital future and require assistance and coaching to help brainstorm solutions to their problems, plan for their businesses future and work towards a robust online marketing strategy.

  • 1-on-1 full-day workshop
  • Flexible time and date
  • Customised to suit your challenges
  • Personal marketing action plan
  • Chat and email support

tame your budget, reclaim your time

take control of
your marketing

  • Reclaim the lost time you've spent deciding whether your marketing campaign is actually working! Plus, the hours you've spent figuring out where you're losing your customers.
  • Stop worrying about whether you've just donated to the Facebook Christmas party budget! Don't waste your on campaign's that no-one in your target market even saw!
  • Start spending your evenings with a glass of wine watching Netflix and not 'getting some sort of marketing up'. Is something really better then nothing?!